Teodor Buzu


Each moment we awake from non-being into being – and back again

We had been deprived of everything before we were born

and in each moment we are gifted

Or as H. Melville writes, we are born with a noose around the neck

We are derived, we cannot create ex nihilo, out of nothing like the God

We live in reflections, whispering, and through them we get to know the world

We live in echoes. By means of them we are winning over the fluidity of life

Displaying through the wind – to shape our own auricle, unfurl the sail.

Artist's soul is a dungeon, a womb, a vessel

a bottle with a neck looking up to the universe,

the eye is soul´s candle, the eye – an opened gate for imagination


Order of painting, order of feto-genesis:

Gravidity of soul, laden

modeling, brushes, scrapers, embryo

colours: pigments and binder,

areas and intersections

intuition, experiment

matrix of spirit, mintage of soul

HYLÉ is shaped by life that is ZOÉ


Painting as a cell-growth

plasticity of organs

belly dancing, drumming the canvas


Materials and shapes

similarity, similaritness

abstraction, generalization

painting over

Work on the canvas corresponds to the inner molding

almost relief

the desire for space

through an assimilation and optics

common to all eyes


A man walks at attention

Eyes tired of revealing

an abandoned field easel

Teodor Buzu painter of spectral colours

including that Moldovan national ones

the lines of magnetic fields

making-up, Drasliceni village, varnishing

Paintings prolapsed onto the sill of reality

frozen flames, shower without funnel

cadmium, purple, vermilion, violet

You will not squeeze the paint back into the tube

wind, efflorescence, stolons, tears

calligraphy of strings and bows.


Petr Pazdera Payne