I was born on Tuesday, I did right I was born that day. As a child I used
to herd geese, than I was herding cows and that showed me that life is
beautiful. At the age of 10 I was accepted to art school. There I
understood that a picture has two sides: the one you see and the one
which is hidden in painting. I tried to get to Art Academy several times, I
succeeded on my 7th attempt
On the train on the route Odessa – Kharkov I met my wife who I have
two sons with. I served one and a half year in the Soviet army. The one
who served in army, does not laugh in the circus. Here in the Czech
Republic I understood that the world belongs to them who want.
I am realist, I believe in miracles.
Teodor Buzu
Date of birth: May 3, 1960, Drasliceni, Moldova
Studies : Academy of Art and Design (1980 – 1985), professor Oleg Veklenko
Membership : The Association of South – Bohemian Visual Artist , Group „ Die Neuen
Milben“ , Austria, Union of Artists of Moldova
Contact : Kostnická 158, 390 01 Tábor, Czech Republic
Tel. + 420 775 199 915, e-mail : teodor.buzu.art@gmail.com www.teodorbuzu.com
Awards :
The Knight of Romanian State Order COMANDOR – 2003
The Prize of the International Competition of Art – Passau 2004, Germany
The Prize of the Town Tábor – 2004, Czech Republic
The Prize of the INTERSALON České Budějovice, Czech Republic
The Prize „ In recognition of Outstanding Creative Excelence“ , Dubai, 2005
The prize of Magazine „ Literatura si Arta“ , Republic of Moldova, 2007
The prize of International Salon of Book Chisinau, 2010, Republic of Moldova
The prize of International Biennial of Painting, 2013,Republic of Moldova
The prize Basarabenii in lume, 2015, Republic of Moldova
Participant of 109 team and 87 author’s exhibitions