Pictures painted by Teodor Buzu might be characterized just as a result of playful tonal drawing coming somewhere from an imaginary world with little or no relevance to the universe. However, do not be mistaken. The most valuable contribution of his works lies in his respect of nature - even nature also sympathetic to civilization fetishes. This way he alters traditionally depicted reality. The accompanying titles of his works can act to explain his solutions of these repeatedly evocated  associations and reflect his ability to immerse himself once more into the situation preceding the artistic act in the tempera completed with aquarelle.

His inventiveness and enthusiasm for the poetized spectacular nature are wedded in him. Almost hectically passionate creation surely does not remain a consciously analysed point which the artist integrates into the usual overcoat in the form of a hanging paneo. Either it is a great artefact from a cycle or no less demanding intention which is dressed into a more modest chamber frame, there is something more in the author´s form than just an attractive stimulus to take part in the acrylic and scenic ceremony of the exciting visual nature.

However, it is transposed as if being in the shower of continuous inspiration about the magic of sounds – and without hesitating delays. And it happens with admirable spontaneity. Teodor Buzu is still trying to make sense of his art even though he persists in the inspirational originality of phenomena. He is above his horizon in his ability to seize the rhythm of the unchangeable time.

Miroslav KUDRNA